Whilst the Netball Scoop brand came into existence in 2011, its origins began a decade earlier.

Sportline.co.nz was set up by Sandy Joblin in January 2001. It was a sports website dedicated to New Zealand sportswomen and covered rugby, cricket, netball and news about various other Kiwi athletes. There was an active forum, with netball one of the categories.

It wasn’t long before the site was overrun by netball lovers who had previously used the Netball New Zealand message board, Netball Australia forum and ABC TV message board with which to communicate. Sandy then took a leap of faith and created a separate netball-only forum.

In 2003 the netball forum became so popular that the netballonline.com site was born. Sandy, with the help of a few members, started putting together player profiles as the site continued to grow. So much so that it took up considerable time and a former member offered to take over the site and run it as it was. Unfortunately they didn’t.

Sandy received an SOS shortly after to set up a new netball home. From there, netballonline.net was quickly hatched. Members flocked to Sandy’s new site and due to inactivity netballonline.com disappeared completely.

In 2011 Tanya Ahrens was at home in Adelaide, putting the finishing touches to Netball Scoop, a news-based netball site. It was then that Sandy and Tanya discussed the opportunity to combine the two sites.

The first edition of the ‘Lift’ magazine was produced in November 2012, and by February 2013 the incorporation of the netballonline.net forum into Netball Scoop was complete.

As netball has continued to grow commercially, so has Netball Scoop. Tanya saw the need for further expansion behind the scenes and in October 2016 endorsed the materialising of a committee, comprising of dedicated Scoop contributors to ensure the longevity and growth of the brand.

Dianne Coone
Dianne CooneChairperson
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Jenny Sinclair
Jenny SinclairManaging Editor, Feature / Senior Writer
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Cara Gledhill
Cara GledhillSenior / Feature Writer, Domestic Editor
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Lou Patton
Lou PattonSenior Writer
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Alex Blair
Alex BlairSenior Writer, Social Media
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Drew Kennedy
Drew KennedySenior Writer
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Jane Edwards
Jane EdwardsSenior Writer
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Ian Harkin
Ian HarkinSenior Writer, Moderator, Competitions Manager
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Marcela Massey
Marcela MasseySenior Photographer
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Katrina Nissen
Katrina NissenFeature / Senior Writer, Social Media
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Simon Leonard
Simon LeonardSenior Photographer, Photography Coordinator
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Liam Hughes
Liam HughesPhotographer
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Rona Hunnisett
Rona HunnisettEngland Correspondent
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Sue McKay
Sue McKayPhotographer
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Paula Sale
Paula SaleTreasurer
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Alexia Mitchell
Alexia MitchellWriter, Social Media
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Kirsten Daley
Kirsten DaleyPhotographer
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Georgia Musolino
Georgia MusolinoWriter
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Bethany Slaughter
Bethany SlaughterWriter, Social Media Manager
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Aliesha Vicars
Aliesha VicarsPhotographer
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Amanda Jones
Amanda JonesSecretary
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Danny Dalton
Danny DaltonPhotographer
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Kate Cornish
Kate CornishWriter
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Jennifer Moles
Jennifer MolesWriter
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