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Physiotherapist, writer and netball enthusiast. Feature articles, editorials and co-author of "Shine: the making of the Australian Netball Diamonds". Everyone has a story to tell, and I'm privileged to put some of them on paper. Thank you to the phenomenal athletes, coaches and people in the netball world who open a door to their lives, and let me tiptoe in.

NS EXCLUSIVE: A Diamonds Deep Dive with Stacey Marinkovich

Together with national selectors Annie Sargeant and Michelle Wilkins, coach Stacey Marinkovich has selected an Australian team that best suits her vision for the 2023 Netball World Cup. Ball speed and variety in attack, pressure in defence, consistency and existing combinations were all crucial factors in their decision making process. Marinkovich said the Diamonds' greatest

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NS Opinion: The ‘Plus Three’ Puzzle

Implemented for the Netball World Cup, the ability to replace up to three players per team has thrown up all sorts of talking points. From strategies around selection, getting creative with affordability, and whether the policy could be misused, there's plenty to chat about.

NS EXCLUSIVE: All in the Fowler family

She's the superstar with a good game face, but Jhaniele Fowler and her daughter Drehannah share a lot of laughs and the strongest of bonds. The mother and daughter spoke to Jenny Sinclair about life, netball, and the chaos of Covid.

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