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Physiotherapist, writer and netball enthusiast. Feature articles, editorials and co-author of "Shine: the making of the Australian Netball Diamonds". Everyone has a story to tell, and I'm privileged to put some of them on paper. Thank you to the phenomenal athletes, coaches and people in the netball world who open a door to their lives, and let me tiptoe in.

Fertility and Elite Female Athletes: Natalie Medhurst – pregnant after fertility treatment

It’s almost unbelievable to Natalie Medhurst, but at 36 and at the tail end of an elite netball career spanning 17 years, she is pregnant. Emotionally, she’s ‘excited, daunted, and everything in between,’ but most of all, she’s grateful. Facing fertility issues and struggling with the all-encompassing nature of elite sport, she wasn’t sure she’d

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Fertility and Elite Female Athletes: Sonia Mkoloma – multiple miscarriages

Talking to Sonia Mkoloma about her fertility is like hopping into the ring with Muhammad Ali and receiving gut-punches that leave you winded. She’s endured an unfathomable three miscarriages – one of them with twins – and had three embryos fail after implantation. It’s been a brutal process, but Sonia remains cautiously optimistic about having

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NS Exclusive: Getting physical during pregnancy

In an age when most women have a pair of sneakers and at least one piece of lycra stashed in their wardrobe, it’s staggering to learn that just 15% of pregnant mums are reaching minimum exercise recommendations. April Brandley and Bec Bulley are two Australian netballers who continued exercising during their pregnancies. With a combination of good health care, support and planning, they were able to continue playing at the elite level in their first trimesters, and served as an inspiration to many along the way.

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NS Exclusive: Lisa Alexander – A time to reflect

Standing at 167 centimetres, Lisa Alexander was usually a diminutive figure compared to the athletes she coached. In netball however, and for women’s sport more generally, she leaves behind a giant legacy. Following the announcement that her contract as the Australian Diamonds head coach was ending, Lisa spoke exclusively to Netball Scoop.

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