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Since we established a committee in 2016, the Netball Scoop brand has snowballed. We now have over 25 committed contributors who work hard to bring you gorgeous photos and enticing and original articles.

Due to the hard work of many dedicated volunteers, we are now recognised as an authority in netball related news and are afforded exclusive access to the world’s best athletes and competitions.

Our journalists and photographers are on the ground at the majority of the Suncorp Super Netball games, and some Vitality Netball League and ANZ Premiership matches. Netball Scoop contributors have travelled the globe, at their own expense, to bring fans match reports and behind-the-scenes glimpses at Netball World Cups and Commonwealth Games. When we aren’t on the ground at the games, we are working hard in other ways by watching games online, analysing stats, conducting phone interviews and running our social media campaigns. All of this is done to keep our content fresh and our fans eager. Our Forum is open and frequented by informed and thoughtful netball fans and provides huge amounts of curated netball information.

And all this content is absolutely free; we do not charge people to access the site or comment, and we do not sell your data to others. A few judiciously chosen, relevant advertisements are the only commercial activities Netball Scoop engages in.

This is a lot of work. Especially considering that Netball Scoop is run entirely by volunteers.

We don’t mind that we don’t get paid for our work. We love netball and we love our Netball Scoop community. However, our site can’t run on love alone.

Even without paying the contributors we still need money to keep our site running. So, we are asking our fans, who are able to make donations to Netball Scoop, to assist us by contributing to our site hosting and maintenance costs. We understand if you are not in a financial position to give us any money; Scoop is a community and we all contribute in whatever way we can. Generous, informed and thoughtful comments on our articles and forum are also important. You can also assist us by sharing the love; please feel free to share our articles widely (with the appropriate credit, of course).

If you are able to help financially, your donation will be spent on covering overheads such as website hosting, upgrades and maintenance. On rare occasions, a small honorarium may be passed-on as reimbursement to our contributors for significant out-of-pocket expenses such as travel costs incurred when covering games or tournaments.

If you would like to make a donation to Netball Scoop, we have two avenues.

Via bank transfer directly into our bank account. This is our preferred method, as it does not incur fees for us

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Or by PayPal.

Your contribution to keeping Netball Scoop running is appreciated.