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    Sasha Glasgow*
    Layla Guscoth
    Cody Lange
    Maisie Nankivell
    Hannah Petty
    Chelsea Pitman
    Lenize Potgieter
    Kate Shimmin
    Shamera Sterling
    Shadine van der Merwe

    This line-up does not make me feel very confident at all, no strong GA for the start of the season and the loss of Folau is extremely worrying. I guess she may be retiring…? Where else could she possibly going?

    Cobden hasn’t signed anywhere so I wonder if she is even signed for any team anywhere for 2020.

    Shame that Altmann did not get a contract anywhere, she said when she was signed that if she did not make it professionally speaking by the age of 26 she would give up so I do wonder what her future holds.

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