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    I think Hadley in general really struggles with making new combinations quickly and trusting in herself and those around her. I remember that the first year of SSN when everyone left the Swifts she had a very average season and was replaced often by O’Brien, the same in the last season but she performed a bit more consistently. Then this year once the combinations with Proud, Housby and Wallace had settled she was excellent. Then after Proud did her ACL she was quite average again for a few weeks, then was great the last two weeks as she found the right balance with Haythornthwaite. I remember distinctly that her best game of NWC was against RSA where she fed Thwaites and Tippett, both of whom she’s played with at franchise level. I don’t know what the solution is as there’s no one else who can really be selected based on franchise form, but she needs to raise her level and quickly. I think she would play better if Thwaites gets a real opportunity but given that doesn’t seem likely I would also be trying a Watson/Price/Brazill midcourt as both attacking midcourters have a good connection with CBass. I’d also be giving Philip another shot because I just don’t think Tippett’s style of play matches up with Bassett’s, CBass can’t do any work out the front and rotate the circle which takes away Tippett as a target. Philip’s speed really took some attention off Bassett without her needing to come out and give space in the circle.

    I’d also like to see Klau/Bruce start the next game, with Klau at GK. It’s still so strange to me that LA plays them the other way around. Would also be interested in seeing Klau/Turner and Weston/Turner. It’s not like the Ferns are using the hold much right now and I think Weston does a great job in covering space within the circle. Turner is an excellent ball-deliverer and I think she brings down her opponent’s level very well. It would be a different and unexpected challenge for Ekenasio I think.

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