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    Yeah Scott, I thought about my example of Austin after I’d posted and her situation is exactly what you were saying! That Swifts have two internationals in goals which affects Garbin’s progress – she’s another in Australia’s Development team. And Peace in the Lightning could have had the same results for Koenen, and while I love seeing Peace play, I am glad that Koenen is getting a good amount of time on the court, including in the Finals.

    I have thought about this a lot, especially as LA says the SSN import policy is affecting Diamonds. I think the problem in the centre third is because of Proud’s injury, pushing Liz W to C. But like I said there are at least two players in Diamonds who play C in the SSN, plus Braz who excelled (mostly) there in the last part of Colliwobble’s season.

    I have no idea about what to think about LA constantly playing Bassett ahead of Thwaites. As a Vixens supporter I am spitting chips. I know Bassett is Captain but the combo with Tippett is problematic.

    You know, I think the only reason we won the second game was because of the shooting percentage of the Fern’s goalers was down compared to that in the first and third games.

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