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    Just watched the replay and enjoyed this game more than I thought I would given the Diamonds lost. I am enjoying the spectacle that is Laura Langman – surely she has to be one of the greatest players to have put on a bib? I am also enjoying watching the rise of Ekenasio – who would have thought she would turn out to be such a star while she was struggling for court time at the Firebirds?
    I agree with most people’s comments about the Diamonds but the best comment I have read is that LA erodes the players confidence rather than build it up which is what NT and Akle do so well. It seems that some players get opportunity after opportunity while other players barely get one opportunity before they are pushed to the side. Liz Watson looked absolutely stuffed in the last quarter – she should have come off and I am really that LA will burn her out the same way Rav was burnt out. The reason there is no viable C option after Watson is that LA persisted with Rav for about 2 years when her form did not warrant selection which meant other players were denied opportunities. Rav eventually had to unselect herself. Who knows what Thwaites has to do to get the start?

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