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    Talk about way to ruin a crucial game with subpar umpiring. I thought we got robbed. Even though the bad calls went both ways, the Ferns seemed to be on the end of several runs of poor calls where possession was given to the Diamonds multiple times in a row. Can’t imagine how off putting that would have been for the players. Sometimes touch contacts were called and then at other times defenders were climbing over the back of attacking players and nothing at all called.

    What umpiring had the Singaporean umpire done prior to this game? Wouldn’t even have been at the standard of provincial leagues in Oz and NZ. Not really her fault being chucked in there, the people to blame are the ones who appointed her. I’d actually prefer to see one aussie umpire and one NZ umpire in these games. It couldn’t be worse than what we saw today.

    Would be good if the broadcasters showed more slo mo replays of some of the umpires calls. There needs to be some scrutiny of the quality of the umpires umpiring these important games.

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