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Jenny Sinclair
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At the press conference NT was very quick to congratulate Aust and said that they were amazing and it was the best they’d played. She commented that the offensive penalties in the first quarter changed the tempo of the game, which they did. She also accepted that NZ were guilty of too many turnovers. She noted that Yuliani had only flown in the night before and hadn’t worked with any of the players so no one had time to adjust to her particular interpretation of the umpiring. She questioned the governing bodies decision to do this, rather than make her a reserve. She also questioned the number of penalties given to NZ – and I totally agree on this one, having analysed the SFs/Aust penalties over the last few years. See the article I wrote about it if you haven’t, but usually Australia are consistently higher, and deservedly so given the different style of game they play.

NT’s biggest beef is that the athletes deserved better, and they did. It was a totally confusing match to everyone – players, coaches, fans and commentators. She was clearly emotional about it, and I congratulate her for speaking out. People have to or nothing will change.

Minkie – regarding the umps before the game. It’s my understanding that it’s up to the teams to invite the umpires along to training, and most teams take advantage of the chance to catch up and learn the individual interpretations. The umpires usually have a coach along with them who discusses decisions, and helps to upskill the umps. This can’t happen if the ump in question only flew in the night before.

This was an amazing game and it was a privilege to be at. Wonderful atmosphere, heartfelt speeches, some amazing milestones, a sense of closure to the year, tears, laughter, hugs. And yes, the quality of the umpiring really tarnished it.