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    With regards to not starting Ekenasio, I am of the understanding she was not going to return for the last game. Meels flew home after the Sydney game, did not train at all with the team during the week, she arrived in Perth Saturday afternoon. 7.5hrs flight time from Auckland, plus the bit extra from Wellington, take into account the 5hr time difference, there is the reason right there, for not starting Meels

    Yes Ekenasio played great in Christchurch and Sydney, but was terrible in Auckland. She wasn’t much chop when replacing Mes on Sunday, until after halftime, when Folau decided that she didn’t want to do all the shooting.

    Also Langman and her 12 turn overs was a terrible performance for the captain. I would have sat her on the bench at halftime.

    The umpiring was rubbish, the most frustrating thing, was how they can’t count to 3 properly.

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