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    Would love the top job but only if I could move head office closer to home (if the last CEO could do it, don’t see why the next one can’t!!! ūüėČ )

    Sky is the one thing that’s holding us back imo at the moment – a true case of the tail wagging the dog. Netball needs to come at this from a position of strength: we have a sport they want and a way for them to increase their awareness among women, which none of their other sports give them. Conversations DID happen with Channel 4 a while back, if I recall, but the outgoing CEO didn’t pick up the ball, and they disappeared: that or the BBC to me is the perfect place for it, with online “catch up” opportunities on 4OD and BBC 3. I’d target a big sponsor like a supermarket which could take over the whole thing, from international down to grass roots (like New Era? does in NZ) so that everyone is engaged with the brand, not just little dribs and drabs of money here and there. That then makes it easier to filter cash down to clubs as well, and gives a really cohesive platform for a brand to work on.

    The issue with weekend games is that members are generally playing on Saturdays and or Sundays, but if you made it a Friday night (as with college football in America) then that’s a destination that everyone can get involved in….Friday Night Lights and all that? And no other sport, as far as I can think, has anything then….You could do “girls nights out” packages, family enclosures, all sorts of things, but the first thing that’s needed is consistency.

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