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    Interesting team.
    I guess this means the reason Stacey wasn’t playing for England is finished… interesting!!
    Glad to see her back in the team though she brings experience to the defence end.
    It’s a shame Housby isn’t included but I guess it’s been a long year for her.

    Interested to see how Shimmin does!

    Very intrigued by the Kat Ratnapala inclusion? Her team haven’t exactly had success recently?
    I would like to see Sonia Mkloma (sp?) or someone that doesn’t have a head coach role longer term to get the job. I think Sonia would work well also being based in Aus she’d have a lot more access to the girls playing in the Suncorp.

    I do worry about this team though against SA.
    Have they said when they’ll announce their team? I’m assuming it won’t include Pretorious and Mweni. As they’ve had a long year.

    I guess this series is also a trial for who will get picked for the January series.

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