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Rona Hunnisett
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    I’m afraid Boogie that the Sunday Times has been this way for years – they pay lip service to womens’ sport with their awards, for about a month, and then slide back into football, rugby, F1 and mens cricket. We all need to call them out on it on social media, but unfortunately, I doubt that will have a huge effect until there are more women on the sports desks! When I did my work experience (on the Sun’s sports desk) back in the dim and distant annals of time, they couldn’t even tell me where the ladies loo was, as there wasn’t a single woman on the sports team, and even now it’s not much better.

    Short term, I’d say that we all need to tweet the ST every week when there’s no womens sport in their paper and call them out on being the self-proclaimed “paper for womens’ sport”. Until they realise just how many readers they could lose, things won’t change.