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Obviously early days (Still 3 months to go)

Watched Tactix vs Stars
Tactix started very slow. Forcing the ball into Bird, while SRicket found her feet.
Poi is a star. Fitter and even faster than last season! Nathan has so much flair.
Faka played a whole match! Her timing and fitness will take time to come but good outing for her. I dont think she is ready for international netball yet, she needs to work on her confidence and get that fitness base up.

Wilson is looking trim! If she can continue to work on her shot selection, she will be in the Ferns come Jan.
Stars will stuggle in that midcourt. Ioane and Mather are both solid WDs, but they are not really C players. MRB and Kara are also WAs.
Purvis looking fit and fast.

Marshall showed more promise than Fenwick
Prosser added speed and strength in that circle. Worked well with SR at GS.

Who was that young GA for Stars? Promising player!

Pulse scoreline didnt surprise me. No Eke, No Jury. Losing Souness and Fritzpatrick is huge and will take time to replace them.
Watched a few minutes of the game, Temu and Dunn looked slow. Fitness work not being done?