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Well, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw yesterday. Watched Steel/Wasps and Mystics/Pulse.

Shooting for Steel by O’Connnell and McCollin was excellent. Heffernan still a bit wobbly and trying long shots that she didn’t need to. Intensity was good even with the changes made during the game.
Wasps a tad slow to begin, but by the end were keeping pace. Dunn will need to play every game as the other 2 were dodgy. And they only have 11 players.

Mystics looking sharp. If in doubt hiff it into Nweke. Who had very good hands and took most of the high balls into her. Clearly Nweke is the shooting weapon of choice for Mystics. And why not? It’ll be interesting to see if the Tui/Mes combo is used at all.

Pulse were ok. A couple of missed shots in that last qtr that could’ve pulled them to within 1, and then the game got away on them. Metuarau is fantastic at feeding and creating play and space, but her shooting isn’t as accurate as it once was. Mind you Dunn was only on 76%.

Most accurate shooting by a NZ team – Steel on 83%. But if their two main shooters keep up those %s and the team get turnover ball, Steel will be fine next season.