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Agree. I’ve been trying to pick my Ferns 12 this week. 10 of them pick themselves I think (based off past performances plus this week)

Wilson, Selby-Rickit, Ekenasio
Crampton, Saunders, Langman (assuming Langman is available)
Burger, Rore, Karaka, Watson.

Mes will probably take the 4th shooting spot and deservingly so, I think she has played GA beautifully this week. Nweke has been the only other shooter to put international worthy performances out there, but she still lacks consistency – I’d expect her to be a Fern within 12 months though.

I’ve been really impressed with Reuleu-Buchanan in her two outings. I’m picking her as a bolter. Souness and Poi have also been consistent and would be deserving of spots. Tayla Earle must also be on the fringe, however I think Earle and Nweke will get picked as a combo in 12 months time.

Sokolich-Beatson is also in great form. It’s unfortunate for her that she is a like-for-like with Karin Burger, and Burger at the moment is untouchable. So she will probably just miss out.

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