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Really enjoyed the super club this year. Thanks to netballscoop for covering this. Stuff news site isn’t even covering it…

Glad Magpies sent over a decent team. It was interesting to see how the NZ teams stacked up against the likes of Brazil, Mentor, Nelson and Medhurst. Thought the Pulse would do better than they did.

Taurua should definitely take Nweke. She more than held her own against Mentor I thought Aliyah Dunn did as well. I don’t think there is room for Wilson or Selby Ricket in the circle for the Ferns squad.

Found that Nz woman umpire in the Collingwood games strangely lenient on the Collingwood defenders who were all over the Pulse and Mystics shooters. Usually that umpire is whistling defenders out of the game.

Hopefully the tournament will continue to attract reasonable squads. I’m sure the magpies benefitted from getting those runs in in the off season.

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