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Samason remains well entrenched in camp Vixens. Samason is in the Vixens academy squad and a VIS scholarship holder. Any Vixens academy squad member who outperforms can be added as a Vixens TP post February for the SSN season. We don’t know how Samason’s knee rehab is going but from all reports she is in next in for a contract (along with Mundy who is a similar story returning from a foot injury in 2019 and Smith) so long as this year is a successful return from injury. They are also very conscious of load management with her this year whilst ensuring she gets substantial court time in ANL and VNL. Samason did pre season testing with the Vixens 10 and TP unlike the balance of the academy players.

The shooter that has fallen out of the reckoning is Jane Cook. Vixens were very clear to her she wasn’t ready for a TP role a few years ago so she took a 2 year contract in Adelaide and we all know how that ended. Last year she was a Collingwood TP. This year not with a SSN club. Is in the Fury team where she will be fighting Samason, Barkmeyer and McDonald for court time.