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    Yep, agree with everything said. Really enjoyed seeing Faka/ Watson!
    Tactix to me look like real contenders for the title!

    Some how I think Steel werent trying to win. We’re they trying to expose their flaws as a strategy for something to work on? I hope so lol.

    Magic looked hugely improved from the Superclub. The structures really seem to working themselves out.

    Mystics are in trouble. They may remain on the bottom if they keep playing like that. Grapes is crap and so is Icerson. Tui isn’t a starter yet either, literally still a kid.

    Pulse have a full working squad where everyone can come on and change up a match. Very exciting for them.

    Stars looking like they can improve on their new team. Lots of work to do, but improvement is there. Kara looking good!

    Fitness still seems to be an issue in the last half. Teams have to get that full 60 minutes energy and determination to win games. I wished Noeline was on everyone’s bench to share her wisdom to the coache’s and players. Good tournament.

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