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Ian Harkin
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    Baby Announcement

    ** INTERRUPTING YOUR CORONA VIRUS NEWS ** A lot happens around sporting clubs that the public arent privvy to and with all the support that I've had not just this year, but over my entire career, I woud like to share with you a near full 10minutes of my rambling to the playing group as i told the girls that i would not be playing in 2020. At this point I was nearly 15weeks pregnant & only the Club Doc, our HP Manager/Head Physio, our Coach Rob and Geva knew….Oh & Samuel and I had just told both our families our exciting news over the Christmas holidays. To be honest, it was a conversation I had been having sleepless nights over and whilst telling my teammates & then the public our news lifted a huge weight off me and allowed me to actually be 'pregnant', it also brought with it the realisation/reality that i would not be playing in 2020 and a huge wave of emotions (of many varieties) along with it… some of which I am still struggling with. I obviously couldnt be more excited, grateful (& a little daunted) to be pregnant & cant wait to become a mum and am truly lucky to have an amazing guy alongside me throughout this and everything else that is ahead for our soon to be little family. A massive thank you to Glen Moriarty at the Club for capturing this announcement and for being one of the best blokes going around. Enjoy the viewing. 🖤🖤

    Posted by Nat Medhurst on Monday, 16 March 2020

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