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    Here is my team. Didn’t get to have all the players I would like to have of course, but it’s still a great team I think. I couldn’t go past my all-time favourite Sharelle (imagine Liz feeding her!), and I think Langman is an obvious choice for the midcourt. The defence end shows my support for the Swifts back in the CBT days. I had to choose Mary Waya because I was a fan of hers. It’s a bit of a shame she isn’t around now when Malawi are having more success, would be great to see her and Mwai in the circle together. And although she was a little hit and miss at times, I was also a fan of Fuhrmann, so had to include her being only $1. Meanwhile Burger has quickly become one of my favourite Kiwis and I think is only going to continue to get better and give us Aussies some headaches.

    GS Cath Cox ($3)
    GA Sharelle McMahon ($5)
    WA Liz Watson ($2)
    C Laura Langman ($5)
    WD Selina Gilsenan ($4)
    GD Mo’onia Gerrard ($3)
    GK Geva Mentor ($4)

    SHOOTER Mary Waya ($2)
    MID Karin Burger ($1)
    DEFENCE Susan Fuhrmann ($1)

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