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    Sounds fun, let me have a go. Great initiative Waylay.

    Glasgow, Wood, Bueta, Austin
    Browne, Watson, Hadley, Price,
    Weston, Bruce, Klau, Turner

    *I chose Glasgow over Koenan. Hadley will be my second WD. Brazill and Cbass if they’re still around.

    New Zealand
    Wilson, Ekenasio, TPSR, Nweke,
    Crampton, Souness, Poi, Saunders,
    Burger, Karaka, MSB, Fakahokatau

    *IDK Some of them might be retired. Maybe Jane Watson might still be there.

    Fisher, Cardwell, Drakeford-Lewis, Housby,
    Haythornethwaite, Carter, Malcolm, Guthrie,
    Guscoth, Williams, Quashie, Shimmin
    *Sounds like Guthrie might still be around and IDK much about Allison so I chose Shimmin.

    South Africa
    Potgieter, Stoltz, Burger, Venter,
    Griesel, Chawane, Van der Merwe,
    *Need one more midcourt and 3 more defenders. Rademann might also be GA.

    Nelson, Beckford,
    Dixon, Thomas, Ward, K Williams
    Sterling, Facey, Dehaney, V Williams
    *Need two more shooters

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