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    Let me try this again

    GS Sam Wallace $2
    GA Sharelle McMahon $5
    WA Anna Stanley $3
    C Laura Langman $5
    WD Ash Brazil $2
    GD Liz Boniello $1
    GK Shamera Stirling $4

    Donna Wilkins $2
    Rebecca Saunders $2
    Benice Mene $3

    Sam Wallace @ $2 is a great score, and Sharelle is the 🐐 and would totally dominate if she was playing today’s game. I think she’d combine well with both Wallace or Donna Wilkins (my reserve shooter).

    I’ve been a fan of Anna Stanley (Rowberry) for years. Always thought her style of feeding – loves the bullet passes and the quick play – would suite feeding McMahon. Although my first preference for WA is Shelley O’Donnell. Langman is just a natural super fit person, and having her and Brazil working together would be amazing to watch. Rebecca Saunders (bench midcourter) would slot in easy at either C or WA. She has great speed and vision, and is super fit too.

    Liz Boniello IMO was one of the best defenders going. I rate her on par with KHW, Julie Corletto etc. She would be a perfect foil for Shamera or Benice Mene (bench defender). Mene has the ability to run out at GD too, and I think she’d work in well with Shamera too.

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