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    Eeeeek, so many choices!

    GS – Irene Van Dyk – $5
    GA – Steph Wood – $1
    WA – Temepara Bailey – $4
    C – Laura Langman – $5
    WD – Karin Burger – $1
    GD – Casey Kopua – $5
    GK – Laura Geitz – $4

    Attack – Caitlin Thwaites – $2
    Midcourt – Liz Watson – $2
    Defense – Jo Weston – $1

    I would have loved to see a zippy goal attack like Steph Wood create and make space for IVD. Imagine the speed when combined with Temepara. Also have the option of getting Thwaites on at even GA infront of Van Dyk. What a luxury to have Watson on your bench, able to replace Bailey or come on at centre and push Langman to WD.
    Defensively, very pleased to see two legends together. Weston/Kopua combo would be fun to watch too!!
    Can only dream

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