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    Australian midcourt depth is so strong and it feels like there’s always new faces who make big improvements and find themselves in the team. Have a feeling Proud might come back strong, she would surely have made the Diamonds this year if not for her injury.

    Koenen, Wood, Glasgow, Tippett (Bassett for Glasgow if she’s still around)
    Proud, Watson, Moloney, Simpson
    Weston, Klau, Bruce, Mannix (I actually prefer Bruce at GD, would play her there ahead of Weston until she stops throwing away ball).

    Ekenasio, Wilson, Dunn, Latu-Meafou
    Earle, Poi, Souness, Winders
    Sokolitch-Beatson, Burger, Watson, Fakahokotau

    I don’t really know enough of the younger players from ENG and JAM to make a prediction, but both would surely be dangerous if they kept some of their experienced. It still feels like when (if) Jamaica finally gets those C/WA/GA positions firing consistently they’ll be tough to stop, especially now that their defensive depth is excellent.

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