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    Had a lovely 45 minutes this afternoon watching Shazzle Dazzle talk to the three Vixens goalers on Zoom with tons of other members. Was really interesting to hear how they were coping with ISO – training to keep up their fitness, strength and skills, what they were eating to stay strong and healthy and Caitlin talking about looking after her mental health when many of her usual strategies weren’t possible. They all said it was harder given they didn’t know how long ‘preseason’ was going to be and they were very upset netball comps – including ANL – weren’t going ahead this year.

    Now I’ve read about Nat H. returning back to Sydney and trying to keep fit whilst in a hotel room for 14 days having returned from England. That’s real ISO! Good luck Nat, even if you don’t play for the Vixens.

    On another topic – I keep asking the site to ‘keep me logged in’. But every time I try to post, I have to log in and have to wait for an authentication code – 2-3-4 times – is anyone else having this trouble?

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