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Andrew Kennedy
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    The elbow bumping does seem dumb given how closely they play, but I think it’s just about being good role models and continuing good habits for reducing contact in social greetings.

    There are three main defensive tactics for the super shot sections. (1) use absolutely everyone to stop that shooter getting into the circle eg the C and WD and GD all stopping someone like Wood or Phillip getting down the court (2) double team the strike shooter (3) double jump over the super shot to force a held ball or a miss; the player that jumps first should be the better rebounder, so she can scamper back towards the post

    Notice that we haven’t regularly seen (yet) the strike shooter (such as Wood or Phillip) put at GS for the super shot. Yes we do see Thwaites and Harten there but they do spend much of their time there anyway. This is one reason why Vixens have an edge – all three shooters are pretty capable of super shots so they don’t need to change from their normal lineup.

    Aiken could certainly be taken off in the super shot section, not only doesn’t she shoot from range, she is causing so many turnovers that nothing could be too much worse for Firebirds at the moment. Put Venter on for a really nice long stretch of time and work her into the lineup.

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