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    Really KiwiKiwi. Did you not know that the Tactix played in Auckland 24hrs earlier, they flew on their charter flight (which takes twice as long as a normal flight), to Wellington Sunday night, arrived at about 10pm.
    The Pulse played in Invercargill Satuday, they had to fly back Sunday, there are no direct flights from Invers to Wellingotn. It would have taken them prob 4hrs to get home.

    Lets see how the SSN teams fare after 4 games in 10 days, they don’t actually have to fly to any game, time outs and rolly subs will help them.

    Tactix have played their 14th game and Pulse 13th game, this season. The SSN has had 2.

    But by all means if you think they tried to lose on purpose, go for it.

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