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    Yes, I wonder if they cancel the last round. I don’t think any team can move two spots up to play in a different final.

    Stars could be third at the end of the season if they won both games and Mystics lost both games.

    Magic could be fifth if they won both their games and Steel lost.

    Auckland is going into Level 3 restrictions – public facilities, bars, restaurants and businesses in Auckland must close on Wednesday, as will schools unless they have students whose parents are essential workers. Three days ends midday Saturday.

    I suppose they can reschedule the 2 Auckland games this weekend, but my understanding is the whole country is going into Level 2 restrictions for three days.

    This means – social distancing, good hand-washing regimes, staying home if unwell and wearing a mask in areas where distancing is hard. NO CROWDS!!!

    Yikes, from STAGE 4 Lockdown here in Melbourne, best wishes to NZ.

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