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    Some SSN stats…

    This is how each team has performed over the course of the season so far, looking at only the first 10 mins of each quarter, when all goals are worth the same:

    +19 Vixens
    +12 Magpies
    +12 Swifts
    -2 Fever
    -9 Firebirds
    -9 Giants
    -11 Thunderbirds
    -12 Lightning

    Now, this is how each team has performed in the last 5 mins of each quarter when super shots are available:

    +29 Lightning
    +24 Vixens
    +7 Fever
    +6 Giants
    +0 Thunderbirds
    -1 Swifts
    -24 Magpies
    -41 Firebirds

    The amazing thing about that stat is that apart from round 1, Lightning has barely used the super shot. They’ve scored just 4 in the last 3 rounds. Their dominance in the power play has seemingly been based on tight smothering defence and just sticking to their regular plans.

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