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    Rules on trading now that prices have changed.

    Now, for anybody new to Fantasy Netball, this one comes up every year… now that we’ve reached the point where players’ prices change, you need to forget all about that $750,000 salary cap figure. If you’ve selected wisely, your team’s value could now be worth more than $750,000. That doesn’t matter. That is a good thing. That’s actually what you want to happen. So you don’t have to make changes to try to stick under that $750,000 figure. The only money value you worry about now is how much money you have left over in the bank. Because from this point on, you use that figure, plus the current prices of the players to work out your trades. If you bought a player for $30,000 and they’re now $50,000, that’s what you can sell them for… $50,000. Likewise, if you want to buy a player who was $60,000 last week, but is now $80,000, that’s the price you have to pay… $80,000.

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