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Andrew Kennedy
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    A game full of many topics apart from just “the send-off”.

    Firstly – Manu’a did not deliberately endanger the players in either clash, she genuinely was going for the ball BUT you can be genuine and clumsy/rough at the same time. So, the first send off I am fine with (although I wouldn’t have done it), the second one (when she hit Scherian) was rubbish.

    Umpires – Booth (female, played for Kestrels) is experienced enough, although sort of junior. The male umpire I don’t even recognise, I think it is literally his first national league game. But Booth gave the warning, so he had to issue the suspension.

    Deliberate rule breaking – oh COME ON. Every single player is deliberately breaking the rules constantly. Price is a great example of this! She has no chance of interrupting the attacking flow and yet tries to put the player off balance, probably putting them at risk of injury. Yet, this is how the game is played and umpired at this level. PS my favourite rule breaker of all time is Katrina Rore, my goodness she is dirty – but gets away with it, so that’s impressive.

    Compare a player like Price (constantly deliberately grappling and pushing) versus a player like Simpson. Simpson doesn’t play anywhere near as dirty. Price occasionally gets an intercept but Simpson gets more. In fact in terms of WD/C you have plenty of good defensive players that don’t threaten injury to their opponent – Anstiss, Parmenter, Langman, Moloney, Mi Mi, Proud. For me, it makes Price quite unlikeable.

    Bassett – very very interesting that she only played 15 mins. But the thing is, Austin doesn’t work at WA, she only works at GA (in this setup), and the Harten/Bassett combo also doesn’t work. I think we’re going to see Bassett/Austin and Harten/Austin. Austin is commits too many turnovers at WA. Put a true WA there, like Hay, and enjoy how good she is (despite being junior).

    MVP – should have been Langman, Scherian, or Hay. Tight games from those midcourters despite the rubbish going on around them.

    Chat between coaches at the end of the game – these women know and respect each other, and Byrne was not at all elated to win in this fashion. But at the end of 2020 season, nobody will see the manner of the win on the scoreboard.

    Depth of Giants defence – McDonnell needs to be given more minutes; so far Poolman and Manu’a have been working very very hard. They need more options to freshen things up. If Fitzgerald had confidence in McDonnell she could have put her on for the last quarter.

    The way it was won – the Lightning just kept possession and scored. The Giants actually had a six goal lead, but lost the ball about 5 times. They weren’t down any players in attack (except that GD wasn’t there to backup on the line). And Harten, supposedly MVP, shot 3/7 super shots. She definitely played well, but those decisions in the last 5 minutes didn’t pay off.

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