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    Here are my thoughts:

    As a Lightning fan, it was a lucky win. Did we deserve it? No.

    Manua didn’t deserve to be sent off. They were harsh calls and I’ve definitely seen worse from defenders and they’ve gone unpunished. The umpires were extremely harsh and wanted to make an example out of her. The umpires’ performance should be reviewed because the calls weren’t acceptable at all.

    That being said, when you’ve been warned, you have a target on your back. Whether you think it was fair or not, you have to adjust. Fitzgerald should’ve subbed her for McDonnell or Brandley.

    IMO the Giants weren’t robbed. They had the opportunity to win it. Austin got the intercept from the Lightning CP and they should’ve scored the safe 1 pointer instead of risk the 2 points. Especially because they had their CP next. Some of the Giants players lost their heads in the moment and it cost them the game. Harten’s decision making in that moment was poor. It was their game to lose.

    I don’t know if Wood’s knee issue is worse than we know. She doesn’t look to be moving that well and her performances overall haven’t been the best. Fingers crossed she can recover from it soon.

    What did Harten say to Langman in the huddle?

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