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    Wow just watched the replay.
    Not the game for inexperienced umpires.
    What a game to be missing Brandley!!
    If J Fitz had brought Tilly M on for the start of the last quarter and kept her there until it (maybe) got really close then brought Man’ua back on they’d have won.
    I think Jo Harten questioning the umpires was also a case of trying to push her luck/the umpires hopefully not knowing the answer to whether they could switch out a WD for a GD.
    Although I think the first and last rulings on Man’ua were unfair. On the final sending off the umpire got over excited, Man’ua only had eyes for the ball and it wasn’t dangerous in my opinion. She’s a defensive player she has to go for the ball. I’m sure Scherian didn’t even end up on the floor and she’s tiny.

    I do think Giants could have won that. Did they not have any time outs left as they really could have used one in the last 2 mins to reset and calm down.

    Also surely Bassett can’t continue as Diamonds captain if she’s going to be sitting on the bench? I think with how Hay, Austin and Harten played Julie has to play the majority of the game like that, they’ve earned it.

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