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    I really think everyone needs to take a deep breath and stop worrying about the intent. I agree with everyone who has said that Manu’a only had eyes for the ball and wasn’t deliberately hitting people, Unfortunately, the 2020 rules have removed the need for the umpire to determine intent when the contact is dangerous.

    In 2 of the incidents Manu’a took out her opponent’s legs with a late challenge near the post. Both were dangerous. The umpire correctly warned in the first case (as per the rules) and suspended in the second case.

    The third incident she was again late and took her opponent head high – dangerous (not her fault or intent, but still late & nasty).

    As many have said, once you have been suspended the next infringement of any type – even minor ones, like rolling the ball away to delay play – will result in a send off – in line with the rules.
    I find it remarkable that professional players and coaches don’t know the rules!
    Julie really should not have put her back on (or at least not at GD).

    This is a bit like the Fiji player at Comm Games in the Gold Coast – she only lasted about 20 secs after her suspension – at least Manu’a managed about 8 minutes.

    The commentators have inflamed the situation by demonstrating their lack of knowledge of the rules (Which they do most games) and trying to create talking points – I hope they come out before the next game and explain the rules – as well as complimenting the umpires on how well they handled a very difficult situation.

    Also, I’m not normally a Poolman fan, but thought she did really well in the last 12 minutes – shame her attackers weren’t able to maintain their composure and just convert their own ball.

    Who needs a 2 point shot to get people talking about netball??!!

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