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    The biggest thing for me here is the fact that there are professional players/coaches/commentators that don’t know the rules!! It seems that the Giants and Julie weren’t aware that you can’t replace a player that is sent off. How do they not know this?! And I’ve just watched the latest episode of Centre Court with Bianca and Braz where both don’t know the rule that the ball has to pass fully through the ring before the final whistle in order to count.
    I am simply flabbergasted that there are people in a professional competition that don’t have knowledge of all of the rules!! I knew all of these things, how did they not?! I know these rules occur rarely, but it’s their job to know what happens when they do.

    As for the send off, the process was followed correctly as I think we all agree. Watching the replays, personally I think the first was warranted but the second was a normal contest, there wasn’t actually much contact there. But everyone does need to remember that umpires don’t see the replays like we do. Often I see an incident that I think looks bad in the moment, but on seeing the replay it wasn’t actually that bad, or vice versa. They have a split second to make a judgement. The umpires do not deserve the hate. But I think it is important for umpires and teams to all review this situation so everyone has a consistent understanding of the rules firstly, and what exactly is considered dangerous.

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