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    JR said
    “As has been mentioned earlier, this rule, what I’ll call the ‘dangerous play’ rule, is a new rule. I am glad someone kindly outlined it without being taking a bit of a swipe at viewers who might be watching because they played in earlier years, love the game (not so sure about that with the 2 point shot) and want to support women’s sport.“

    The rule is not really that new. It has been in force since 2016 – game management section was rewritten for clarity for 2020, but this is the same rule that saw Karin Burger suspended for 2 late challenges when she made her Ferns debut & a Fijian GK suspended and then ordered off at the Comm games in 2018.

    As Julie F has admitted she knew the rule and why Manu’a had been warned following half time discussions and took a calculated risk (which backfired) When she put her back on after the suspension.

    My swipe is not really at those viewers, but at the commentators whipping up that reaction, rather than commenting on the dangerous play. If an experienced umpire (3 years on the panel) has the immediate reaction that something is dangerous, I would prefer they supported her. There again they didn’t notice it as they were busy discussing whether or not Pretorius was injured!

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