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Andrew Kennedy
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    Interesting things so far at quarter time

    No Bassett! But you can bet they will use her if they struggle. Please just don’t put Austin at WA!

    Parmenter is trying an interesting tactic around circle edge, she has such long arms, so she takes off fast and early when the swing ball comes to Watson, and she is quite close to getting a deflection – she’s done this at least 3 times.

    Phillip dropping the ball twice and thus committed FOUR turnovers in total (bad news there), but she definitely is a player that starts slowly, although it’s usually because of her first quarter accuracy (currently 3/5).

    Lucky that Thwaites is so dominant, her timing and variety is wonderful to watch. She’s also 11/12 (missed a 2-pt).

    Shooters are getting way too long, they regularly get more than 3 seconds, it’s a different umpiring standard for the rest of the court.

    Moloney gets an amazing pickup, that’s one highly effective habit that wins matches for the Vixens. Note, this pickup is not recorded in the Champion Data stats.

    Both teams finding it pretty easy on centre pass to go forwards, the only D player to take a single centre pass is Eddy.

    Austin good with 7/7 including two supershots. She also has no turnovers so far.

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