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    Finally logged back into my account to comment after a hiatus.

    Silver Ferns squad (16)
    Dunn, Ekenasio (C), TPSR, Wilson
    Crampton, Gordon, Langman (VC), Pedersen, Poi, Saunders
    Burger, Jury, Fitzpatrick, Rore, Watson

    My 2c worth.
    Attackers: Pick themselves. TPSR’s Grand Final performance wasn’t inspiring, but an injured Mes and Metuarau who hasn’t really fired shooting wise in her on court stints this year mean TPSR is retained in the squad, but as others have said may not make a game day team of 12 due to wanting more variety in the middle and defensively. I suspect the trainers will be taking to Dunn to work on her fitness – think, Wilson has had an incredible transformation in the last 12 months or so, what is Dunn capable of?

    Mid court: While TPSR’s WA buddy (Pedersen) also had one to forget last night, on balance she’s had a blinder of an ANZP season. Reward also for Gordon and Poi to complement the experience of Crampton, Langman and Saunders.

    Defence: Burger and Watson are starting defence pairing for mine. Jury, Fitzpatrick and Rore are picked because of form and combinations, but give Faka another few months in training and she’ll be back like a steam train. Also think Burley will benefit from being in the Ferns environment.

    Development squad (10)
    Mes, Metuarau, Nweke
    Earle, Elley, Heffernan, MSB
    Burley, Fakahokotau, Tong

    Taking Mes and MSB out, would replace with Tui and Souness in the Development squad.

    No room for Ioane, Kersten, Mikaere, Reuelu-Buchanan, Souness (see above), Winders. Also no allowance for Karaka.

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