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    I like the squad.

    Not surprised about Kersten, even though I didn’t put her in my squad. There are a couple of long time players in this squad that I found underwhelming this season but we all know that just because they are in the top squad it doesn’t mean they won’t be replaced if they don’t perform.

    Noeline is about fitness – as in when uninjured the players physical fitness meets her (the set) standards – and proven consistent performance.
    Both Bailey and Michaela despite being injured will both be maintaining the fitness required hence their inclusion in her squad. Ferns are unlikely to play International games this season imo and by 2021 Bailey hopefully will be back raring to go, and Michaela should nearly be there.

    As for Bailey being a favourite – what a load of rubbish. She had to go away, reinvent and improve herself in order to make the squad under Noeline. Just like Rore.

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