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    I get the feeling Noels chose Kersten for the fact she can cover both WD and C. She’s the only midcourter that can effectively cover both. Crampon, Poi and Souness are all attackers covering WA and C, whilst Saunders can cover all 3, is noels really going to put her at WD against the Diamonds- No. so that’s 4 players all in the same positions. Thus Kersten, who’s had a decent season, comes into the fray. And on form and the fact she’s part of the victorious Pulse, she gets the nod in front of Winders.

    As for Elley, definitely unfortunate. I’d have her in the wider squad. But the days of being a specialist in one position are pretty much over- with the exception of a GS and sometimes GK. She needs to expand her play into the C bib.

    Nweke is someone I know is not ready for international play, but I hope she not far behind, i can’t wait to see her unleashed on the main stage.

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