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Mel Q
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    I agree JR. Bassett was clearly challenged and trained well under Noeline T. She played with a generous GA, and amazing C and WA who knew how to feed her perfect balls. And she was dynamic under the post. As she is when she plays with Tippet. That duo is unstoppable. Since moving to Giants she’s struggled to play with Harten. Actually, she hasn’t struggled, Julie F hasn’t been able to train them to play well together. If CBass isn’t playing well at Giants it isn’t to do with her form and fitness. It’s the coaching. There doesn’t seem to be a plan when they take to the court. And now they play rubbish, then throw it to Harten to score some supershots to catch up. That isn’t a game plan. I hope Bassett moves to another team with a generous GA and passionate coach who can utilise her and challenge her. It’s heartbreaking to have one of this country’s greatest sportswomen sitting on the bike. Maybe she could go to (can’t believe I’m saying this) Magpies next year – team up with Medhurst again! :)

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