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    Round 10… More tinkering. But this time I’m fixing up the centre position. Three candidates here – Price, Langman & Moloney. All of them would do a good job, but I’ve gone for Moloney for two reasons. She’s cheaper and her price is set to rise after last week’s big score. And also because she’s playing for the Vixens. They’re just going so well at the moment and the combo of Watson & Moloney is one of the main reasons why. So I’m selling Laura Scherian to buy Moloney. To do that I have to find some money elsewhere. And I do that by trading Jodi Ann Ward for Maddy Turner. Can see Turner getting more and more game time now and making some handy scores. Her price will probably drop again after this round, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I have my team close to how I want it now. Which is just as well as I only have 4 trades left!!! :unsure:

    $120,000 . FOWLER, Jhaniele (Fever)_GS (C)
    $100,000 .. AUSTIN, Kiera (Giants)_WA/GA

    $70,000 .. TEAGUE-NEELD, Alice (Fever)_GA

    $125,000 . WATSON, Liz (Vixens)_WA (C)
    $90,000 .. MOLONEY, Kate (Vixens)_C
    $75,000 .. NANKIVELL, Maisie (Thunderbirds)_WD

    $20,000 .. WILLIAMS, Tayla (Thunderbirds)_C

    $100,000 . PRETORIUS, Karla (Lightning)_GD
    $120,000 . STERLING, Shamera (Thunderbirds)_GK

    $55,000 .. TURNER, Maddy (Swifts)_GD

    Money: $5,000
    Trades: 4

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