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    Bueta began to play more like a GS who’s wearing a GA bib the last few years. When she had poor accuracy and was just a third feeder, the relationship with Aiken worked well. But since she’s become an entire target of her own she is too dominant a player now for her and Aiken to both be at their most effective simultaneously. I know Bueta has played her entire career as a GA but as soon as she gets into the circle, she holds space and is the main target. That’s why I think that next year Dwan will still not have problems getting on court, because although we haven’t seen her play with Bueta, I have a feeling that both Aiken/Dwan and Bueta/Dwan are going to be better than Aiken/Bueta.

    The Swifts need to let Proud and Hadley build their WA and C games. That was their dominant lineup before Proud’s ACL and I think they’re not only their best midcourters but their most in-form midcourters. They are also far better defensively than Haythornthwaite. They need to explore some more WD options as well, I’d like to see Turner there. I have no issue with resting players, but the way in which Akle does it just causes chaos. Let them play out quarters, then make changes with proper instruction at the break and leave the next line up out for a while. This bringing players on and off every 3 minutes just causes turnovers and miscommunications.

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