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    Part of the issue is that CBass has never “come off the bench” well – hence poor Caity Thwaites who should have been starting GS for most of the last cycle being a perennial bench sitter with a few minutes here and there – when her performances and combinations with the potential GAs and mid-courters being at least equal to CBass and providing more flexibility . (Please come out of retirement until Bueta returns).
    As someone in the twilight of her career CBass would have plenty to offer in the training environment & the real issue For Diamonds is succession planning which is something that Alexander maybe should have done more of in this area – Austin is obviously the anointed “young” shooter, but the only one, with Wood & Philip both also being in the twilight of their careers. Marinkovich will have to fast track some of the teenagers who have broken through this year – Horjus, Dwan, Allen – as well as the early 20’s generation who have been around for a couple of years – ATN, Ryde spring to mind.
    As far as Giants goes – Harten & CBass was NEVER going to work – both are shooters who like to dominate & have the game plan centred on them – well into the 2nd season together they “click” for a couple of minutes & then one or the other forgets the plan and they end up tripping over one another, clogging the circle and become ineffective.

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