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    Reading that made me laugh Tully! I agree about Glasgow, she’s too good not to be playing. I think she should have been swapped with Poitgeiter more in that game but I understand they want to build a partnership.

    This commentating was painful, the guy doesn’t have a clue about netball. And Michelle DD claims to be an expert and then says Dunkley is a shooter too and it’s strange seeing Guscoth at WD? It’s really not strange to see her at WD ??‍♀️
    They’ll think they did a good job as they didn’t butcher as many names this week. Also the cringe bit at the end was strange when she was almost jumping up and down because she got the tip right. It was a 50:50 guess, seriously?
    I also agree about Petty, she’s been inconsistent and I’m constantly looking to the bench. For me the best line up is Maisie in C but I think in the future it could be Williams C and Maisie WA. I think at the moment they need Pitmans experience at WA to start the game but I’ve really enjoyed seeing the Williams Maisie Horjus link.
    I would love to see Cobden back in the team next year as an England supporter but you only have to look at a team like Magpies or Swifts to see how much talent has come from SA and therefore I do think they should bring through some of their young talent and try not to lose it to other teams.

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