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    al_ex we are on very same wave lengths. I have the same shooters and defenders as you. Also the same shooters and defenders starting and on the bench. Watson is the WA then I get a bit stuck. I’d have Proud in my 12. I think she is in phenomenal form. Not sure if I would start her or not. I get stuck at WD. I’d have Eddy in my 12 which means my 12 only really needs one defensive midcourt but I’m not sure that the selectors will pick Eddy. At the same time with Austin and Wood as shooters they provide WA backup so the same logic could be applied to needing less of a WA backup. Such a touch balancing act in the midcourt. Hadley is so strong at all 3 positions that she will be there somewhere. It’s easy to say someone can play all 3 positions but they don’t necessarily play them all at such a level as Hadley that she is a legitimate option in all positions on an international court.

    So I have



    As I said Proud and Hadley would be in my 12 just not sure where yet. I’m stuck on Parmenter v Price. If we were selecting squads of 15 my 5 midcourters would be Watson, Proud, Price, Hadley and Parmenter. If Parmenter is in the team I’d start her on the bench. Twice this year she was well beaten by Watson.

    I’ll come back and edit once I work this out.

    Ian, I too was surmised that Simpson appeared to have fallen completely off the radar for the commentators. Doubt she has for the selectors though so we may not even see Parmenter in the team.

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