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Zara Collings
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    The midcourt is definitely the area where there are a lot of options and potential combinations.

    My starting 7 would be:
    GS Koenen
    GA Wood
    WA Watson
    C Hadley
    WD Eddy
    GD Klau
    GK Bruce

    Bench: CBass, Austin, Proud, Moloney, Mannix

    I think it’s important when giving new players exposure to have lots of versatility, hence Austin (GS/GA/WA), Proud (WA, C and even WD), Moloney (WA, C, WD) For me Hadley seems to have fallen under too many radars, she is in excellent form and certainly deserves a starting 7 spot. You need a good mix of experience and youth and I think Watson, Wood, Hadley and Bruce can balance out Koenen and Eddy and help them through the game. CBass is certainly up there in the top shooters but without match fitness and match play cannot be considered to start in my opinion. Weston has had a bit of an average year too from my perspective so I’d have to give Mannix the nod over her. You’ve also got Eddy who can swing into the circle so it’s still versatile.

    Wider squad/TP’s needs to include Dwan, Nankiville, Parmenter, Jenner who I’d have also had in my squad if they would fit along with Weston.

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