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    I’m thinking Canberra or like you said Albury Wadonga to support regional areas and get a mix of NSW and Vic players since those states have the most depth atm. Newcastle could be an option for NSW. Id like to see a NT or FNQ team too. I think the ideal number would be 12 with x2Qld x1WA x2SA x1Tassie x1ACT x1NT x2Vic x2NSW. Obviously the Tasmanian team could be supplemented by a few Victorians and same goes for the act team for NSW. I think if there were 12 teams 10 player squads with about 4 paid TPs would be ideal. If only 10 teams then 12 player squads would be better. This would lengthen the season substantially so I’d like to see a more defined preseason, actual season and international period rather than it fluctuating dramatically each year. Obviously COVID has made it difficult this year though.

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