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    I’m also aware that 12 teams is ambitious at this stage so wouldn’t mind if only one or two were added this year as I also agree with Tully that NSW and VIC are the only ones with the depth necessary. An Albury Wadonga team would make people happy as it ticks the regional box and represents both states a bit better, though would always have troubled drawing non locals that way, getting funding etc. So I think a Canberra team could do the same job it just means that its another metropolitan team. If not maybe a Geelong or Newcastle team if more footy clubs wanted to get on board(not saying I agree with the partnerships in every case since I’d want teams to be able to stand on their own two feet). Personally best case scenario would be a Canberra or Newcastle team and a Tassie or FNQ/NT team added next year with eventual plans to add two more in the next 5 or so years.

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